What are reusable cards all ABOUT?

So what are reusable cards and why have we designed them? We want to help create a greener, happier, more connected world, and what better way than by helping you tell your loved ones how you feel with eco-friendly cards…

There’s a certain magic to be found in the thud of post on the doormat and deciphering the handwriting on the envelope. We were the ones passing notes at the back of the classroom, handwriting love letters to secret Valentines and treasuring handwritten birthday cards. We love the joy of giving (but don’t get us wrong, we love receiving too!).

But we know how many greetings cards are thrown away every year or hoarded in boxes and so many cards these days contain rhinestones, ribbons and glitter all glued on with plastic, which cannot be recycled.

After years of hoarding old greeting cards we decided to create the concept of regifting recyclable greeting cards and saving a digital memory of the card to cherish.  And we’ve tried to make it as fun and sustainable as possible!

Our eco cards have removable inserts and have been designed to be resent at least three times.  So follow the process, reconnect with your loved ones and help us save single-use greetings cards from going to landfill.

Learn more about how it all works here.

Made from post-consumer waste
Can be used forever
Made in England
Designed by artists
100% recyclable
1 card = 1 tree planted


We use fully recyclable materials – no plastic bits or secret manmade fibres. Our eco-friendly paper is fully FSC-certified and recycled from post-consumer waste (old paper odds and ends from recycle bins all mushed together!) and we use sustainable inks to print the designs.  There’s no unnecessary plastic packaging in sight and even the twine we use to hold the reusable card and recycled envelopes together is recyclable and biodegradable.

We source the board for our reusable cards from Europe.

Trying to make the earth greener, one reusable card (and tree) at a time

In conjunction with TreeNation, we plant a tree every time someone buys a card through our website. This means you’ll help us to start growing our very own Greentings forest. You’ll be able to see the progress of your tree on the Tree Nation website.

What’s the harm in single-use cards?

A recent study by Exeter University showed that sending one card produces at least 140g of carbon dioxide. Each tree species we plant can offset anything from around 20kg to 140kg over the lifetime of the tree (depending on the tree, location and human interventions).

We encourage our cards to be used forever but we have included enough inserts and envelopes so that they can be used at least three times.  Our cards are likely to be kinder to the environment than an equivalent typical single-use cards made from FSC sustainable board, if they are used at least twice.  To ensure that we are offsetting any negative environmental impact in the event our cards are not used twice, we plant a tree for every card sold.

View Artists

We couldn't make our awesome eco cards without the creativity of our incredible artists.  Click away to read more about them...

Order Your Cards

Order a Greentings card via our website today and we will plant one tree per card sold.  Our cards are 'the gift that keeps on giving', and their journey can be tracked using the unique serial code inside the card.  What's more, they are made from recycled post-consumer waste and are fully recyclable.

Get In Touch

We would absolutely love to hear from you, whether it's to tell us how to make our cards better or ideas for what to do with any left over envelopes and inserts.  Please get in touch!

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