All Greentings cards are made from 100% recycled post consumer waste and our Recycled Range includes our unique reusable cards which come with three removable inserts and envelopes.  We even plant trees for the cards purchased!


Go green!

So many greeting cards are thrown away each year or hoarded in boxes and many of these cannot be recycled. That’s why we’ve rolled with the concept of regifting recyclable cards.  No more unnecessary waste going to landfill or boxes of cards in the loft!  Greentings maintains the personal touch of a traditional card but we have created reusable cards with removable inserts, meaning that the love can continue to be sent, forever.  Each reusable card even has a unique serial number printed inside, so you can follow its journey around the world using its own personal card passport.


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What on earth do I do with a Greentings reusable card?!

  • Read

    You've received a Greentings reusable card, how thoughtful! Enjoy your card and if you're feeling tech savvy, log your location using the unique serial number printed inside the card. You'll then be able to see it's journey around the world.

  • Remove

    Ready to send your reusable card on? just replace the insert with a fresh one. Each card comes with three inserts and envelopes so that it can be used at least three times.

  • Stuff

    Write a lovely message to your special someone then pop the card and any spare inserts and envelopes into the biggest envelope.

  • Send

    Seal it with a kiss and keep sending the love. Love the card so much that you don’t want to send it on? We don’t blame you! Place it in a Greentings frame and admire it forever.

London 3rd November
Prague 22nd January
Cape Town 16th July


Made from post-consumer waste
Can be used forever
Made in England
Designed by artists
100% recyclable
1 card = 1 tree planted


  • Save the Pangolins!

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  • Witch Way To The Party

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  • A jolly good time

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  • Be happy

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  • Ey Up!

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recycled cards (not reusable)

  • Recycled engagement greeting card. Ring with congrats you're engaged around it

    ‘Congrats You’re Engaged’ Recycled Greeting Card

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  • allotment greeting card

    Allotment Recycled Greeting Card

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  • Recycled French Bulldog ‘Dog Dad’ Card

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  • Recycled Labrador ‘Dog Dad’ Card

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  • Recycled ‘Happy Birthday Yoda Best’ Card

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We are a small family business with big ideas for creating a greener, happier and more connected world.  After years of hoarding old greeting cards, we decided to create the concept of regifting a range of recyclable greeting cards which include our unique reusable cards.  

We love sending cards to family and friends – there’s a certain magic to be found in the thud of post on the doormat and deciphering the writing on the envelope. So it’s ideal to be able to do it in a sustainable way.

All of our cards are made from post-consumer waste which means that no trees were harmed to create them and the best bit is that our reusable cards can be used forever! In conjunction with TreeNation, we even plant a tree every time someone buys a card.

We’re encouraging you to slow down, put pen to paper and show your loved ones you care the old fashioned way (with a nice, modern twist).

Click these links to learn more about us and our mission and to read our blog!

If you are part of a business looking for corporate greeting cards and eco-friendly corporate gifts, read more about our eco corporate greeting cards here.


What makes our cards eco-friendly?

We use fully recyclable materials – no plastic bits or secret manmade fibres. Our eco-friendly paper is fully FSC-certified and recycled from post-consumer waste (old paper odds and ends from recycle bins all mushed together!) and we use plant based inks to print the designs.  There’s no unnecessary plastic packaging in sight and even the twine we use to hold the reusable card and recycled envelopes together is recyclable, biodegradable and made in England

What else do we do to help the planet?

In conjunction with TreeNation, we plant a tree every time someone buys a card through our website. This means you’ll help us to start growing our very own Greentings forest. You’ll be able to see the progress of your tree on the Tree Nation website.  We also ensure our website is net zero!

What do the reusable cards come with?

All of our reusable cards come with three removable inserts and envelopes to encourage at least three uses!  Extra inserts and envelopes can be purchased from our shop.

How much is postage?

We charge a flat rate of 50p postage!  This means that however many cards you buy from us, postage will only be 50p.

How does the card tracking work?

Inside each card is printed a unique serial number.  You can input this number in your card passport in your account to see where in the world your card ends up.  If everyone who receives the card logs their location, you will see the card’s journey.

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