I have received a reusable Greentings card. What do I do with it?!

You’ve stumbled across this webpage because either you have bought a Greentings card or someone cares about you and the planet and so they’ve sent you one of our reusable eco cards. Congrats! We’re happy for you. But you might be wondering what on earth you’re doing here…

So you’ve already scanned the QR code inside your card, which has led you here. Follow these 6 easy steps to start your Greentings journey…

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Optional (but awesome) – Set up a Greentings account

Feeling tech savvy? To see the journey that your reusable card has been on and to track its future travels, set up an account here.  Then, just pop the serial number printed inside your card into ‘Card Passport’ in your account.  You will also get a digital memory of the card to cherish.


Read ‘N’ remove

Enjoy the card then decide who to send it on to next. We know, the card is beautiful. Our artists are incredibly talented, so it’s worth sharing with someone extra special.

Once you have chosen the perfect recipient, remove your personal message and replace it with a new insert (our cards come with three envelopes with the spare inserts inside them!).

If you haven’t received an envelope or any inserts – that’s great! You can be smug about the fact that your card has been re-sent lots of times already. You’ll need to cut out a piece of card 115mm x 115mm and slot it into your Greentings card on the inside right page.  Or buy more inserts and envelopes from our shop.



Take your time – this is the best bit.  put the kettle on, sit down and write a new message to your loved one

All done! What next?



Put the card in the biggest envelope you’ve been sent together with any spare inserts and envelopes.  Hint – if you haven’t received an envelope, hurray! Your card is a warrior and has already had an epic journey to get to you. Please just use your own envelope or buy more from our shop.



Pop your card in the postbox or deliver it by hand and say ‘bon voyage’. Did you know that postage accounts for a high proportion of a greeting card’s carbon footprint? This impact is mainly from transport emissions and energy consumption in sorting offices. So, if you can post your cards by hand, you’ll be helping out Mother Nature (as well as your own pocket by not buying stamps!).



Log back into your account at any time to see where in the world your card is.

Track Your Eco Cards Today

Set up a Greentings account to track your card’s journey and to save a 3D memory.

But I love the Greentings card and want to keep it for myself

Fair enough! We love this and want our eco cards to be treasured. Here are a few ways you can reuse your Greentings card:

  • Put it in a Greentings frame.
  • Pin it to your cork noticeboard or stick it on your fridge with a magnet.
  • If you have one of our floral designs, why not blu-tack it to the wall of your shed to create some botanical artwork?
  • Use it as a bookmark.

But if I keep this lovely eco gift, what do I do with the waste pieces of paper?

The whole reason we started Greentings was to avoid waste, so we’ve got some crafty ideas for how to use the little bits of paper you might be left with:

  • Try your hand at origami.
  • Make gift tags.
  • Create a paper candle ring.
  • Make Christmas tree decorations.
  • Frame small photos and stick them to your fridge.
  • Turn them into post-it notes and make your own paper scrapbook.
  • Get romantic and write a love letter.
  • Make a bookmark.

View Artists

We couldn't make our awesome eco cards without the creativity of our incredible artists.  Click away to read more about them...

Order Your Cards

Order a Greentings card via our website today and we will plant one tree per card sold.  Our cards are 'the gift that keeps on giving', and their journey can be tracked using the unique serial code inside the card.  What's more, they are made from recycled post-consumer waste and are fully recyclable.

Get In Touch

We would absolutely love to hear from you, whether it's to tell us how to make our cards better or ideas for what to do with any left over envelopes and inserts.  Please get in touch!

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