can I send a REUSABLE ECO card to my colleagues as an eco gift?


Whether it’s to say ‘thank you’ to your team when you’ve reached a business milestone, or to wish all your clients a merry Christmas, sending a Greentings reusable card can be a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to buying single-use cards in bulk.

Gone are the days of hurriedly buying multipack boxes of cards the week before Christmas. We know only too well that these can often end up in the bin.

Our cards have been designed to be used at least three times. In fact, Greentings’ reusable cards are both a sustainable card and an eco-friendly gift, because you’re giving the recipient something to regift to friends and family. Sending Greentings eco-friendly cards can also be a bit of a fun talking point for the team to bring a buzz to any celebration. It certainly won’t just be your average annual card from your boss, but a chance to extend the life of a greeting card.

Send the right message to your clients – that you want to wish them well whilst being kinder to our planet.

Read about us and our mission statement to learn about our purpose and how we can help you meet your sustainability goals!  You can also learn about how our eco-friendly reusable cards work here.

Work with our artists to create a bespoke reusable card for your business

Why not sit down with one of our talented artists to design a bespoke greeting card that is perfectly suited to your brand? We receive so many cards every year, it’s important for yours to stand out from the crowd.

Our artists can work with your branding and colour palette to create a design that is perfectly and recognisably you.

Bespoke eco card design package
Minimum order of 250 (but if you need less, get in touch and we can have a natter).
Price is on request.

View Artists

We couldn't make our awesome eco cards without the creativity of our incredible artists.  Click away to read more about them...

Order Your Cards

Order a Greentings card via our website today and we will plant one tree per card sold.  Our cards are 'the gift that keeps on giving', and their journey can be tracked using the unique serial code inside the card.  What's more, they are made from recycled post-consumer waste and are fully recyclable.

Get In Touch

We would absolutely love to hear from you, whether it's to tell us how to make our cards better or ideas for what to do with any left over envelopes and inserts.  Please get in touch!

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